About D&R

We have served Bedford and surrounding counties proudly for more than 25 years developing a service relationship our customers can believe in and trust. In today’s competitive business environment consumers have access to more information than any other point in history.

D & R is a licensed general contractor specializing in home improvements as well as storm related insurance claims such as hail and wind damage. D & R has expanded into disaster restoration specializing in fire and water damage. Our company is well rounded to be a “one stop shop” for all your home improvement needs both interior as well as exterior.

We are state licensed, bonded and insured as well as an A+ Accredited member of the Better Business Bureau, Bedford County Chamber of Commerce, Coffee County Chamber of Commerce, and Middle Tennessee Homebuilders Association. Our company is also a Preferred Contractor for Owens Corning, a Pella Select Contractor as well as a Quality Contractor for the TVA. By customers choosing D & R Siding and Restoration for their home improvement needs it has allowed us to establish and prove ourselves in providing exceptional expanded services and products to each and every customer. Our satisfied customers are the company’s biggest asset.

Our name says it all. We began serving Bedford County as trusted siding repair and installation professionals. While we’ve grown tremendously, siding is still one of the things we know the best.
Your home’s roof is one of the most important shields against the elements, however it’s often neglected or overlooked in favor of upgrading other areas – ur experienced roof experts are here to help you identify problem areas such as cracked or missing shingles, wind or hail damage, discoloration or water damage, leaking roof, or insurance replacement.
So much of your electricity bill goes right out the window, unless you have an experienced team like D&R to inspect and assess the state of your current windows, or ways to let more light in and less conditioned air out.
Tennesseans love being outdoors, but sometimes insects and extreme temperatures make it less desirable to be outside. Bring the outside in by building or enclosing your own little piece of sunshine and breezes with a covered porch, a sun-shielding awning, or screened enclosure to make your stay outdoors a more pleasant one.
Sometimes mother nature upsets the comforts of our homes – and in many cases, every hour counts. Our highly trained and skilled restoration team knows how to make every second count after your home has suffered wind, rain, flood or fire damage due to a natural disaster or freak accident. We can’t prevent storms from occurring but we’re GREAT and minimizing the damages once they’re gone.
While many construction companies have a crew that does it all, we have a team that specializes in each and every aspect of residential building and repairing. Our gutter guys don’t install windows, and our roofing team doesn’t build hand rails for your patio. We let our crews stick to what they KNOW best, which saves our customers time, and money compared to “Jack of All Trades” crews that learn as they go.

Based in Shelbyville, Bedford County TN


It takes more than the right tools to properly assess your construction or remodeling project’s needs.  Our team has a diverse array of experience and expertise to make sure each and every project is done the right way, every time.


With over 400 project’s completed in the past 5 years, our team stretches beyond our office and gives us the flexibility to consult with a large number of experts in every field imaginable.


Just because the job is finished doesn’t mean we’re gone – over half of our customers call us back later to come out and help them finish another type of job.  Read our testimonials to see how they felt about working with us each time.


Because our crew isn’t just a jack-of-all-trades like so many other companies, each and every job our team members perform is exactly what they know the most about – this allows them to excel in their skilled trades and improve on their skills each and every time they start a new job.